Save £120 on Virgin Media’s all-singing all-dancing broadband and TV deal

August 13, 2019

Have you ever wished your internet was faster? That you had access to more channels? Or even that your internet package had a name you can’t quite bring yourself to say in casual conversation? Well, Virgin’s ‘Ultimate Oomph Bundle’ is here to answer those requests, currently at a heavily reduced price to make it one of the UK’s current best broadband deals.

With a £10 a month discount Virgin is going big on this offer, dropping the price of its biggest and best package. That means you’re now paying a price of £89 each month for this broadband and TV deal.

While we’re fully aware that this by no means sounds cheap, you are getting (and you’ll need to hold your breath for this one) over 270 channels including Sky Sports HD, BT Sport 4K and Sky Cinema HD, unbelievably fast speeds averaging 516Mb, anytime calls and an unlimited data SIM only deal.

For a bit of context, that’s internet that is roughly 7x faster than both BT and Sky’s fastest speeds, a SIMO that most retailers charge £25 a month for and a tonne of HD channels that all usually carry a pretty high cost. Not to mention two Virgin V6 boxes to let you pause, rewind and record TV.

So if you’re ready to get that ‘ultimate oomph’ to your internet (yep, we swear that’s what its called), then scroll down to find out more about this offer below. Or, if its just too much money, check out our guide to the best broadband and TV deals.

Virgin’s broadband and TV deal in full:
What do I get with Virgin’s Ultimate Oomph Bundle?

With this package you’re getting a few different features: broadband, a phone line, TV and a SIM only deal:

Broadband: Virgin’s Ultimate Oomph Bundle comes packed with a …read more

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