I tried Wendy’s iconic Spicy Chicken Nuggets for the first time to see why fans have been demanding their return — and they lived up to the hype

August 13, 2019

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets 3

On Monday, Wendy’s brought back its spicy chicken nuggets in response to overwhelming demand from fans.
When I went to try the spicy nuggets at my local Wendy’s, they were sold out. I called around until I found a Wendy’s in Manhattan that still had them.
After trying the spicy nuggets, I understood why they’re so popular. They’re as crispy and juicy as Wendy’s regular chicken nuggets, but with a spicy kick that makes them positively addictive.
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They’re back — and they’re just as hot as ever.

On Monday, Wendy’s brought back its spicy chicken nuggets after persistent calls from millions of fans. Wendy’s removed the spicy nuggets from its menu in 2017, citing a lack of demand.

But when Wendy’s posted on Twitter saying that if 2 million people liked a tweet it would bring spicy nuggets back, the tweet surpassed 2 million likes. True to its word, Wendy’s brought its spicy chicken nuggets back.

Where there is a new menu item, there’s also an opportunity to eat the new menu item. Just a week ago, I’d tried the chicken nuggets from six fast-food chains, and Wendy’s won. So my expectations were pretty high.

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I went to my regular Wendy’s in Manhattan’s Financial District to try the spicy chicken nuggets.

They were sold out already.

I called around and found another Wendy’s still had spicy nuggets, so I hopped on the subway and brought two 10-piece nuggets back to Business Insider’s office.

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The Spicy Chicken Nuggets look like normal Wendy’s chicken nuggets, except with a red tinge.

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