Fireside chat: is a Nintendo Switch Pro really happening?

August 13, 2019

Are you holding out for a Switch Pro? We wouldn’t blame you: with a slimmed-down successor to the 2017 Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite, soon on its way, and plenty of rumors around a new Nintendo Switch console after that, any buying decision you make now has to be informed by what else may come in the near future – especially if it could come with brand new premium features not seen on a Switch before.

But when will the Switch Pro arrive, and will it be worth the (presumably high) asking price?

We’ve put together our heads to try and sort out what features and upgrades the Switch Pro might have, and the earliest we think it might arrive. So, what can we expect from the Switch Pro?

Henry St Leger (HS), Home Tech Writer: There’s obviously a lot of chatter around new Switch hardware models, especially with the handheld Switch Lite on the way. Are we really going to see a jacked-out Switch Pro anytime soon?

Vic Hood (VH), Gaming Writer: From what Doug Bowser has said, it looks like we won’t be seeing a Switch Pro this year. It makes sense, as Nintendo seems to be focusing on the Switch Lite and new Switch model, but it kind of leaves us in the dark when it comes to the Pro’s release date.

Nintendo hasn’t actually confirmed a Switch Pro will exist (although all signs point to yes) which makes it slightly harder to guesstimate when we’ll see it, but I think the most likely release window is mid-2020. However, a 2020 release would put it in direct competition with Xbox Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5.

With only a 1280×720 resolution screen on the original console, many gamers a 4K display for a Switch Pro …read more

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