A new prescription drug made from CBD has been groundbreaking for kids with epilepsy. We talked to their parents about the good, the bad and the ugly of what it’s been like to take it.

August 13, 2019

Epidiolex Aubrie and April Krowel

A new drug that’s made from a component of cannabis called CBD became available in the US last year to treat rare forms of childhood epilepsy. That makes it the first cannabis-derived CBD drug in the US.
Business Insider spoke with the parents of four kids who have taken the drug about what it’s been like.
For most of their kids, the treatment has helped to some degree, but they also recounted sometimes-severe side effects and delays getting the medication.
The hype around marijuana and CBD raised hopes for many that it would be a miracle cure, they and doctors who prescribe Epidiolex say. of our cannabis coverage here.
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Aubrie Krowel, who’s now four, had her first seizure at eight months old. They worsened as she got older, sometimes lasting as long as an hour or two.

These frequent and extended seizures are characteristic of the rare type of childhood epilepsy that Krowel lives with.

Medications helped for a time, but they didn’t fully stop the seizures. Aubrie’s parents always knew that they would eventually try out a component of cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment.

CBD, a marijuana component that doesn’t cause the drug’s signature high, has become all the rage of late in consumer products like chocolate and gummies, but it’s also thought to have big potential as a medication. It has long loomed large in the small world of childhood epilepsy, where CBD oils have had remarkable effects for some kids. Broad use has been limited, though, by federal law and other concerns.

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Source:: Business Insider

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