11 ‘Shark Tank’ cleaning products that are actually useful

August 13, 2019

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“Shark Tank” features the entrepreneurial solutions to problems people face, from poor posture and back pain to how to “shower” when you don’t have time to after your workout.
There’s almost no everyday problem people hate more than cleaning. The show has offered many products to help you clean your house and belongings, and keep them clean.
These 11 creative products from “Shark Tank” will reduce the time, effort, and even the environmental impact of your cleaning chores.

Making your home is hard enough, but cleaning it and keeping it clean is arguably the more difficult part. This chore is never discussed with much excitement, probably because no one truly enjoys cleaning.

If you watch “Shark Tank,” however, there have been a number of product pitches that could convince you otherwise and motivate you to clean your room and belongings more often.

Some address the pain of washing your dishes and water bottles and will save your arms from intense scrubbing sessions. Others are safe, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning products. You’ll also see ways to include your pets and tech devices in the cleaning party.

These 11 products from “Shark Tank” will help you keep your entire house clean.

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A sanitary place for your dog to relieve itself — that cleans itself

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