Govt should work on facilities in scenic places to promote tourism: overseas Pakistanis

June 13, 2019

There are ways to promote tourism industry to earn revenues for the cash-strapped Pakistan.The beautiful and scenic places in the country and Azad Kashmir should be furnished with the latest facilities to get the attention of Pakistani and Kashmiri expats living in Britain, said overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiris. They said this while addressing a ceremony held in Birmingham by renowned political and social figure Akhlaq Gujjar in honor of the Azad Kashmir’s former ministers, including Afsar Shahid and Chaudhry Rashid. The steps will not only give boost to the tourism industry in Pakistan but also it will help sustain the connection of the young Pakistani generation born and brought up in British society. The speakers also demanded the Haryam Rathoa Bridge Mirpur in connection with the Mangla Dam Raising Project be completed expeditiously. The completion of the bridge will benefit the millions of commuters. Once the bridge is completed, it will lure the Kashmiris living in Britain, they said. A Kashmiri, talking to Geo News, voiced his concern over the delay in the construction of Haryam bridge. The government should make funds available, in accordance with the revised estimates and new developments, said another Kashmiri participant. British Kashmiri youth should have the attraction to go back to their country so that their weakening ties remain intact and are not broken, said a participant. The speakers also called upon the Pakistani and Kashmiri diasporas to take active part in the British politics and forget their political differences. People hailing from different political and social parties attended the event in large number. …read more

Source:: The News International – Latest news

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