First Sentence Handed Down In College Admissions Scandal

June 13, 2019

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On Wednesday, the first sentence was handed down in the national college admissions scandal that has involved 50 defendants. And it was lighter than prosecutors had hoped for.

Former Stanford University sailing coach John Vandemoer was sentenced to two years of supervised release and given a $10,000 fine. He’ll spend the first six months of his sentence on house arrest.

The college admissions scandal came to light in March, when the DOJ announced a scheme involving 50 known actors had led dozens of students to be admitted to schools based on cheating, fraud and bribery.

Vandemoer pleaded guilty to charges that included conspiracy to commit racketeering. He was accused of arranging bribes to the Stanford sailing program in order to designate two applicants as sailing recruits.

The judge said during sentencing that Vandemoer was “probably the least culpable. [Others charged] took money for themselves. He did not do that. All the money he took went directly to the sailing program.”

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