Critics are slamming the US Women’s National Soccer Team for celebrating their landslide 13-0 defeat of Thailand — but others have defended the team and say the backlash is sexist

June 12, 2019


The US women’s national soccer team beat Thailand in a blowout 13-0 match in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday.
Some criticized the American women for their joyous celebrations after the landslide defeat, which they found unsportsmanlike.
But even more jumped to defend the team, including tennis legend Billie Jean King, who tweeted: “Athletes should always play to their skill level.”

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The US women’s national soccer team is facing backlash for their celebrations on the field after Tuesday night’s landslide 13-0 defeat of Thailand in the Women’s World Cup.

Soccer fans took to Twitter to say they found the more than a dozen goals gratuitous, and felt that the team rubbed their victory in their opponents’ faces.

W/ goal differential being so important, or potentially so, scoring an abundance of them in group stage can be meaningful. Ao score away. Just hate seeing Rapinoe showing up her opponent like that. Celebrate w/ teammates but the “routine” was rubbing her opponents’s nose in it.

— John Putney (@putneyjk) June 11, 2019

That USWNT result did feel gross, but not because the USWNT did anything wrong. It’s because FIFA and FAs don’t do anything for women’s soccer and allow disparities like that to exist.

— Kim McCauley (@lgbtqfc) June 11, 2019

🇨🇦 Canada was not impressed by the #USWNT today. Clare Rustad, Kaylyn Kyle, and Diana Matheson rip Rapinoe and Morgan for what they call “classless behavior”. #FIFAWWC

— WoSo Comps (@WoSo_Comps) June 11, 2019

The only criticism I have about the #USWNT and the 13-0 score, is some of the later goals were celebrated too . After it’s 6-0 you stop doing choreographed dances and such. #USATHA

— Sean Kent …read more

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