How to unlock and rotate the screen on an iPhone, or troubleshoot it if it won’t rotate

June 11, 2019

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While iPhone screens are generally viewed in vertical format, rotating your screen to a landscape view can come in handy when watching videos or viewing certain images.
You should be able to rotate your iPhone screen seamlessly. If it won’t rotate, the app or screen you’re on may not support screen rotation, or you may need to troubleshoot your device.
You can also keep your iPhone’s screen locked to a particular rotation if wanted.
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While most of the time, it makes sense to keep your iPhone’s screen formatted vertically, there are occasions in which rotating to landscape formatting is necessary. Whether you’re catching up on Netflix, viewing hi-res images, or playing a game, it’s not always ideal to use the standard iPhone screen formatting.

Thankfully, rotating your screen is a quick and easy process that should only take a few seconds. Not only that, but you can lock your iPhone’s screen in a particular rotation to ensure it doesn’t change even if you happen to physically move the phone in your hand. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to rotate your iPhone screen

1. First and foremost, ensure that iOS’s Screen Rotation Lock isn’t active on your iPhone. To do this, look in the upper right-hand corner of your home or lock screen, next to the battery indicator, for a small icon that looks like a lock with an arrow curving around it. If you don’t see it, this means Screen Rotation Lock isn’t active. If the icon is there, you’ll need to disable it.

2. To disable Screen Rotation Lock, unlock your iPhone so that you’re on the home screen and swipe up from the bottom to reveal the Control Center.

3. Locate the aforementioned icon featuring a small …read more

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