Minecraft hits the streets in a new AR game called Minecraft Earth

You’ll be able to build structures and worlds on your table with friends… [credit:

Augmented reality on mobile devices may carry tremendous potential, but it’s easy enough to argue that the mainstream value proposition for AR hasn’t arrived yet. Pokémon Go is probably the most oft-cited “killer app” for AR, but it’s only barely a true AR app. And there are some neat shopping apps and educational tools (from Warby Parker and Ikea, for example) but none of them have made a big dent in the mainstream consciousness.

Microsoft may believe it has that killer app in its just-announced Minecraft Earth game, though. At first glance, it seems a bit like Pokémon Go, given that it seems to be location aware in some ways. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

Minecraft Earth

Players will be able to construct builds on their living room tables either alone or in …read more

Source:: Ars Technica

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