The Upcoming Blue Flower Full Moon In Scorpio Is Rare And Sexy

This month’s full moon has an exciting name — the Blue Flower Full Moon. It will appear in the sky this Saturday, May 18. This full moon appears in Scorpio, so we’ll be experiencing some of that intense Scorpio energy.

Before we get into all that, let’s break down the meanings of the moon’s name. First, the term “blue moon ” does not mean the moon will appear blue (unfortunately, because that would be cool). You might have heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” to describe something that occurs rarely — well, here’s where that phrase comes from! Usually, there is one full moon per month, and three full moons per season. Any “extra” full moons are called “blue.” This year, we have four full moons in spring instead of the usual three full moons — and, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s the third of these four full moons that gets the special “blue” nickname, though no one is sure why that is.

Next, the term “Flower Moon ” is used to refer to a full moon in May. There’s a special name for full moons that occur in each month, based on Algonquin naming traditions. A full moon in April is called a Pink Moon, and a full moon in March is called a Worm Moon. The Flower Moon earned its name because it coincides with spring flowers blooming.

Then, there’s the full moon. As you probably know, we call a moon “full” when its face is completely illuminated from our perspective on earth. In astrology, full moons are special: they “represent the energetic peak of the month, when our intuition is on high and we can manifest and tap into our magick with more ease than usual,” as …read more

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