Wendy Williams to Kevin Hunter: You’re Fired!

Wendy Williams is Proud

Wendy Williams has made it official:

She is washing her hands of Kevin Hunter once, for all and totally and completely.

As previously chronicled, Williams filed for divorce from Hunter last Thursday, following 22 years of marriage, the final several of which were spent with Hunter allegedly cheating on his wife with a woman named Sharina Hudson.

The long-time affair was made public a little while back when multiple outlets reported Hudson was actually pregnant with Hunter’s love child.

She then gave birth to this baby in late March.

Such sordid actions by her husband sadly caused Williams to fall off the wagon… relapse… check into a sober living facility… and finally pull the plug on this very unhealthy relationship.

She made it official on April 11.

But now Radar Online and People Magazine claim that Williams have severed yet another tie from Hunter:

She has fired him as her manager.

“She’s not taking him back. He’s being fired as her manager and she lawyered up big time,” the People source says of Hunter, who has had an executive producer title for The Wendy Williams Show since it debuted in 2008.

This was the main reason why Wendy didn’t split from Hunter sooner, websites have alleged.

She was afraid that such a major personal decision would have a negative effect on her burgeoning careeer.

Williams, for her part, broadly addressed her divorce on air this past Monday morning.

She took a slight jab at Hunter for having a newborn at home with his mistress, but mostly talked in generalities about all she’s gone through of late.

“Now my business is your business… it’s kind of funny,” she said, acknowledging the irony fo being at the center of the kind of scandal she usually mocks.

Williams then added:

“Everybody has things in their life that they’re embarrassed to share with the world, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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