Vox Sentences: Notre Dame in flames

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is heavily damaged by fire; Quebec proposes a new bill that bars public workers from wearing any religious symbols.

The burning of Notre Dame
Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images
The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of Paris’s most famous landmarks, suffered significant damage from a fire today. [AP]
About 400 firefighters are working to put out the fire, and the main structure has been “saved and preserved.” The cathedral has still experienced significant damage — including the fall of its famed spire and the loss of its roof. [Guardian / Mattha Busby]
Police said they believe the fire started from construction as part of the restoration work on the building. [NYT / Adam Nossiter and Aurelien Breeden]
The building, which has been damaged and renovated several times over its long history, was crumbling and its wooden frames were eroding from water leaks. A long-needed $180 million renovation on the building began with the spire — which collapsed Monday as the flames raged. [NYT / Aurelien Breeden]
President Trump sent his condolences to the French and also recommended they should use “flying water tankers” to put out the fires. [Twitter / Donald Trump]
Paris police, however, said the use of such tactics could damage the old and brittle building, potentially causing even more harm. The agency is using “all means” to handle the fire, which is being treated as a national emergency. [AP]
The cathedral has been standing at the heart of Paris since the 12th century. The fire is a heartbreaking loss for Parisians and the world, and …read more

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