Ryan Edwards Freed from Prison… Now What?!?

Ryan edwards with family

Free at last, free at last, Ryan Edwards is free at last.

The former Teen Mom star was let go from jail on Monday, April 15, following a three-month stint that followed yet another drug-related arrest for the father of two.

He is still facing a charge of theft and heroin possession and may end up behind bars at some point in the future if convicted…

… but. for now, Edwards is back at home with his family.

For the sake of his children, we really hope he remains there.

Scroll down to get caught up on what landed Edwards in prison and where he might go from here:

1. I’m Out!

Edwards was sentenced to spend three months behind bars after his arrest in December because he was related to an outstanding warrant. To be clear, this punishment was NOT a conviction. He may still stand trial and may still be sentenced to prison for his actual alleged crimes.

2. So This is Just Temporary?

Yes, possibly. Tennessee’s Hamilton County Court confirmed to the public on Monday that the former Teen Mom star is no longer in custody.

3. What Were Those Alleged Crimes?

Police took Edwards to Hamilton County Jail in Chattanooga in January for “theft of services under $1,000” from a December incident in which he reportedlt left a restaurant without paying is $36 bar tab.

4. That Sounds Very Petty

Well, it was still an illegal act if it occurred. Moreover, Edwards was also booked for a heroin possession charge stemming from an outstanding warrant. So that’s the big one here.

5. On a Personal Level?

That $36 charge was for six whiskey drinks — and Edwards has battled drinking and drug use over the years, so the situation just on the surface makes it clear things were not going well for Ryan.

6. He Has a Long History

Edwards has struggled with …read more

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