Prosecutor wraps up case in B.C. child bride trial

Crown lawyers have wrapped up their case against a man associated with the polygamous community of Bountiful who is charged with the removal of a child from Canada.

James Marion Oler is accused of taking his underage daughter from the Creston area to the United States to marry an American fundamentalist Mormon in June 2004. The charge was filed under a Criminal Code subsection that the removal would facilitate sex offences by Oler’s daughter being placed in a relationship of authority or dependency.

Special prosecutor Peter Wilson told court on Monday the Crown doesn’t have to prove that sexual activity took place between Oler’s daughter, then 15, and her husband, but that the removal was done with the intention that it would occur.

“The Crown only has to prove, that at some point during the unfolding of the events, that the accused intended or subjectively foresaw that (Oler’s daughter) would be subject to sexual contact,” said Wilson.

Wilson walked through the Crown’s evidence establishing that Oler’s daughter was born in the Creston Valley hospital and pointed to a decade of school attendance records at Bountiful up to February 2004.

Witness testimony also places Oler’s daughter in Bountiful four days before her wedding to James Leroy Johnson, a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS).

The wedding was ordered by Warren Jeffs, the FLDS president and prophet, who arranged marriages for church members based on divine revelation.

Warren Jeffs with on of the child brides he was convicted of raping in Texas. Photo was submitted at his trial. For Daphne Bramham story [PNG Merlin Archive]

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Warren Jeffs with on of the child brides he was convicted of raping in Texas.

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Source:: Vancouver Sun

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