Aaron Carter: I’m Finally Ready to Share My Truth About Michael Jackson

Aaron Carter Speaks on Camera

Just a few weeks ago, Aaron Carter threatened one of Michael Jackson’s accusers in a shocking video.

However, after he’s had time to cool off and think about things, he appears to have changed his tune — dramatically.

Aaron has now revealed that he has his own untold “experience” with Michael Jackson.

TMZ caught up with Aaron Carter to ask him about the chilling Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland.

His interviewer wanted to know if he thought that the doc should be pulled from streaming and buried.

“I mean, to be honest, after seeing everyone’s story unfold,” Aaron begins.

He admits: “I was a little aggressive when I talked about it at first.”

That is a bit of an understatement.

It wasn’t so long ago that Aaron told TMZ that he wanted to punch Wade Robson over his words in Leaving Neverland.

Aaron continues, making it clear that his view has softend considerably since he shared his heated words.

“I mean,” he says. “Everyone has their own stories.”

“And,” he observes. “Everyone has their own situations.”

“So,” he admits. “I can’t really take away from that.”

We think that he’s saying that he has no right to silence someone who is speaking out.

Especially when he has come to realize that he cannot disprove their claims with his own experience.

“I don’t know,” Aaron affirms. “So I can’t be like ‘I was there.'”

Unless it’s on a specific date, you can’t testify to witnessing someone not molesting a child.

But Aaron is going further than that.

“In regards to that situation,” he reveals. “I actually have my own experience.”

He is referring very vaguely to something “that happened with Michael.”

“So,” Aaron promises. “I’mma be talking about that in the future.”

The TMZ interviewer addresses the subject as delicately as possible, asking: “like … abuse?”

“You’re just gonna have to find out when I talk about it,” Aaron …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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