Reconnecting The Dots! A Long Lost Friend Found Thanks To InTraining!

We are just over halfway through the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining and I’ve been struggling with what to write. Nothing about my weekly numbers on their own are going to motivate you to join the InTraining program but let me tell you, that one small choice on your part can change your life. No matter how big or how small, one decision, direction or conversation can change your life. You may not realize it but taking that step to sign up for the InTraining can be the gift that keeps giving! Let me explain.

The last two years training with the Britannia InTraining team with Pepe Duarte leading the pack has given me my health and wellness back. I’ve gained self-confidence and showed my two young girls that no matter how hard it might be; we can do whatever we want to when we truly apply ourselves. This year Britannia gave me back a friend I thought I had lost.

Week 1, everyone gathered in our new room at Britannia with many new faces. This one face stuck out, something about her smile instantly made me feel safe and at home. We knew that we knew each other but were unable to connect the dots.

My new friend Maria had initially signed up for the Hastings InTraining but due to low participation, they joined the Britannia clinic. Week by week, still not truly knowing how we were connected, I simply enjoyed this “new” friendship thinking we would figure it out when we were meant too. Now bear with me a moment.

How we connected the dots on our friendship.

Week 7 with our two usual clinic leaders away, Pepe Duarte the head clinic leader at Britannia lead us on our session 1 run! Pepe, who typically runs the Run10Stronger program pushed us a little bit …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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