Rebecca Taylor Created The Perfect Office Wardrobe & Made It Shoppable

Fact: there isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t spent an entire morning staring at the gaping hole that is their open closet and thought, “What the hell do I wear today?” You could have the best style in the world, with tons of brilliant new outfit ideas in your head right now — but office dressing is hard, no matter what.

‘Twas the case with Rebecca Taylor, the well-known designer who launched her first collection in 1996 and has since built a multi-million-dollar namesake brand. Yup, even the big guns get stumped by a dress code now and then. But after 23 years in the industry, an inspiring move to Paris and a lot of time spent in the clothes she herself designed, Rebecca Taylor has done it — she’s cracked the office dressing code once and for all.

What’s the designer’s personal, ideal office uniform? “Rebecca Taylor La Vie high waisted denim, a Victorian cotton voile blouse and a navy blazer,” she told Refinery29. Unfortunately, to the dismay of female lawyers, accountants and analysts everywhere, not all of us can throw together a blazer and a pair of jeans and make it office-appropriate. Instead, the millions of women working in the corporate space are left to choose between ill-fitting skirt suits and a never-ending supply of panty hose and polyester pant suits in navy or black only.

Enter Tailored. Launched earlier this week, this new collection was inspired by customers who were “finding it difficult to find beautiful, feminine suiting and separates that were appropriate for their work environment,” the designer told us. Taylor went on to say that her “customer loves feeling empowered without having to compromise on her feminine style.” To solve the age-old problem of what to wear to the office, she designed a …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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