In Pictures: Snowy winter magic envelopes Pakistan’s northern areas

The wintry spell of snow in the north of Pakistan has turned the region into a snowy white wonderland captivating all tourists into its charm. Presently the regions of Skardu, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Murree, Chitral and Abbottabad are enveloped into the striking fine white sheet of winter magic.Let’s take a look at the regions adorning the winter spell: Photo: APP/Irshad SheikhA local at Abbottabad’s resort town of Nathia Gali walking through the heaps of snow as the sun falls on the pavement. Photo: APP/Irshad SheikhThe sun peaks through the pine trees as tourists pose for a photo amidst the snowy winter glory in Nathia Gali. Photo: APP/Irshad Sheikh.Children step out to play in the snow on the roadside as Nathia Gali welcomes the winter sun. Photo: PPI/Azhar Abbasi.Trees in covered in white after a snowsquall in Abbottabad. Photo: PPI/Naveed Abbasi.Heavy snowfall in Abbottabad leads to a boy clearing up his roof. Photo: APP/Ashraf Hussain Nasiri.Landscape view of snow-capped peaks in Gilgit with clouds soaring over the region following a snow spell. Photo: INP/Ahmad Bhatti.Snowcapped peaks overlooking the city of Quetta with the sun falling over town houses. Photo: PPI/M.NaazQuetta mountains after a white-out during winter season. …read more

Source:: The News International – Latest news

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