Vancouver Sun letters to the editor for Satruday, Jan. 12, 2019

I was disappointed to read the claims made by the Tennessee woman with cancer in the Jan. 7 article and her GoFundMe plan for funds to cover her costs for natural therapies for her late-stage breast cancer.

Her statements claiming terrible side effects from chemotherapy, including that it “destroys bones, kidneys and livers, and decimates the immune system” can be alarming to chemotherapy patients. They may persuade patients to reject conventional treatment.

Oncologists are fully aware of the side effects and monitor patients to minimize their impact. These drugs have undergone rigorous trials and the maximum tolerated doses relative to these side effects have been thoroughly measured and peer reviewed.

Chemotherapy does attack all cells, but targeted therapy is, hopefully, the next generation of treatment. While natural therapies may be of benefit, it would be interesting to know the actual results compared to the best standards of care.

Judy Fredrikson, White Rock

Ad raises concerns

I’m concerned about the full-page ad for stem-cell therapy for neuropathy on page A5 of last Tuesday’s paper. It may be that Health Canada is doing an insufficient job of regulating private clinics promoting stem-cell therapies.

I can find very little online suggesting there is a scientific basis for this therapy. What do reputable medical organizations have to say about it? I hope it doesn’t fall into the zone of rampant exploitation of patients hoping for miracle cures.

Elaine Gilligan, Vancouver

Smokers should hurt others

For those freedom-loving folks who want to do as they wish within their strata units, the reality is that their units end at the boundaries of the walls, ceiling and floor. If smoke leaves their unit then they are impinging on the rights of the other units to enjoy clean air. They have alternatives to satisfy their addiction while respecting their neighbours.

Maureen Charron, Vancouver

Environmental assessment needed

The Coastal GasLink …read more

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