Julian Castro declares his 2020 presidential candidacy

The former San Antonio mayor and HUD secretary is jumping into what is likely to be a crowded Democratic primary field.

Former San Antonio mayor and Housing and Urban Development secretary Julian Castro is officially running for president in 2020, he announced Saturday, jumping into what is likely to be a crowded Democratic primary field vying to challenge President Donald Trump.

“I am running for president because it’s time for new leadership, because it’s time for new energy. And it’s time for a new commitment to make sure the opportunities that I had are available to every American,” Castro said after announcing his candidacy in both English and Spanish.

Building off the success of a pre-kindergarten program he introduced as mayor, Castro promised to pursue “pre-K for the USA” as one of his first policy proposals, before running through a range of Democratic priorities, including expanding healthcare access, fighting climate change, and criticizing Trump for a failure to “uphold the values of our great nation.”

Castro, 44, hasn’t been much of a contender in early 2020 polls — although those polls include several people who haven’t yet made it clear they’re going to run.

He’s been touted for years as a rising star in the Democratic Party, which got him the keynote slot at the 2012 Democratic National Convention as well as the appointment to run HUD in 2014 (making him the youngest Cabinet secretary in the Obama administration). As Latino voters have become increasingly important to the Democratic Party, and as immigration and border issues have become a central way in which Democrats draw a contrast with Trump, a Latino politician from a south Texas city might have an appealing angle.

But his national profile — and, potentially, his role in the presidential primary — has been overshadowed by fellow Texan Beto O’Rourke, …read more

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