Getting More Sleep Is The Most Important Resolution For Parents

Parents are the most incredible warriors out there. Unless you’re one of them, you have no idea how hard they’re grinding through, day after day.

So, when January comes along and people start making resolutions like “start eating better,” parents can sometimes scoff, thinking they’d be happy if they could even sit down for five minutes to eat a crappy meal!

Raising even the most easy-going children is still a huge outpouring of energy. We are up in the night when they’re sick, we are down on all fours playing horsey or testing our patience as they struggle with their homework. We always seem to put the children first and our needs second.

WATCH: The weird things parents would do for more sleep. Story continues below.

So here is my invitation to you: What if this January, you did just one small thing for yourself? Doesn’t just reading that feel delicious and decadent? Yes, YOU! Something for you! And what if that something had long-lasting effects on how much easier family life was throughout the year? Are you interested?

It’s called … drum roll … wait for it … getting more sleep.

The best part? It doesn’t cost you money, you already have the equipment, and it means you get to do less — not more.

Getting more sleep is not only something that benefits you, but your whole family. Sleep has been undervalued in our society. Somehow we are seen as being lazy or wasting time if we sleep. However, sleep is critical for so many reasons.

Sleep has so many health benefits

Think of sleep like the rinse cycle in your dishwasher. You don’t want to miss that step! Critical body functions happen during our sleeping hours, such as immune functions, muscle repair, …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada

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