Take a walk on the Gothic side with Lost Souls of Gastown

Lost Souls of Gastown

When: Oct. 16-31 at 6, 7, 8 and 9 p.m.

Where: Gastown (tours meet at Cathedral Square, Dunsmuir and Richards)

Tickets and info: $28 at forbiddenvancouver.ca

The Woman in the Well, the Great Fire, the smallpox outbreak — whether you know the stories about these Vancouver figures and events, October is the right time to take a trip on the Gothic side. Based on documented accounts from the city archives, Lost Souls of Gastown is a walking tour that weaves true-life stories with that of a fictional character. We talked to Will Woods, founder of Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours and one of the actor/tour guides, about the tour, researching the city’s past, and the terrible thing that happened to gold prospector John Bray.

Q: Lost Souls is now in its seventh year. How has it changed?

A: The first year it was only a male character. You followed the fictional life of a man who lived through Vancouver’s early years, living through the smallpox outbreak, the Great Fire, unsolved murders. Since then, I rewrote the script and changed it to a female lead with a different story arc. When you go as a guest you don’t know if you’re going to see the story of George Turle or Sarah Briars. But there’s a lot of crossover.

Q: Obviously there are enough — would you label them gruesome? — stories for a 90-minute tour.

A: There is some gruesome content. It was a more brutal time, without modern medicine for example. We go into detail about the impact of smallpox. We look back at the folklore that has grown up around the Great Fire (1886), and how the city was reborn and rebuilt after. But you dig into it and you find these stories of how people died, and they’re really terrible deaths, they’re …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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