Twitter is planning to draft a policy on “dehumanizing speech”

A new report reveals the company’s ongoing internal confusion over how to deal with users like conspiracist Alex Jones.

Twitter has had a very rough week. The company has been the target of intense backlash since it announced its trend-bucking decision to permit notorious right-wing conspiracist Alex Jones to remain on its platform.

The move represented a distressing new low for a company that has been frustratingly inconsistent in its efforts to ban hate groups from using the website, shield prominent Twitter celebrities from harassment, and clarify its policies for confused users, all while protecting free speech and creating exceptions to its own rules so as not have to ban the US president from its platform.

If that all seems overwhelming to you, imagine how Twitter’s employees must feel. On Friday, the New York Times visited Twitter headquarters in San Francisco to find the company in a state of shock and confusion — and urgently attempting to gain a foothold over the spiraling problem of moderating content on a site that’s growing more toxic by the second.

In a rare moment of behind-the-scenes access, two Times journalists were permitted to sit in on a policy meeting whose attendees included Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as well as the site’s safety team. The agenda? “[T]o debate ways to make the social media service safer for its users.” But in a telling statement, the Times revealed that Twitter staff had asked to remain anonymous, for fear of becoming targeted by the very types of internet trolls Twitter is frequently accused of protecting:

Twitter asked that members of its safety team not be identified, for fear of them becoming targeted by internet trolls. “Please bear with me,” said one team member at the meeting. “This is incredibly complex.”

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