Kids Who Drive Toy Cars Into Surgery Are Less Scared, Have Less Anxiety: Study

There are few things scarier for a child — and his or her worried parents — than needing surgery.

And, as any adult who has needed an operation knows, that long ride through hospital corridors on the way to the operating room can be the most distressing part, especially the moment when you’re separated from your loved ones. But, in perhaps the most adorable study in the world, researchers may have found a way to reduce this pre-surgery anxiety in kids.

And, be still our hearts, it involves riding toy cars.

In a study published in the August edition of the British Journal of Anaesthesia, researchers in China and the U.S. tested whether driving a ride-on car on their way to surgery reduced anxiety in preschool-age kids. And not only did giving kids their own wheels reduce their anxiety, but the effects were comparable to receiving an anti-anxiety medication.

Researchers randomly assigned 108 children age two to five into three groups: one group that was transported to surgery in a ride-on car, one that was transported on a gurney without pre-medication, and one that was transported on a gurney and received a dose of oral midazolam. All of the children have congenital heart disease and were on their way to their first “surgical correction.”

Researchers measured anxiety the day before surgery, upon getting in the ride-on car or gurney in the ward, when the children arrived in the preoperative holding area, the moment they were separated from their parents, at the time of entering the operating room, and at the time just before they received anesthesia.

Forget about your multinational groundbreaking studies – in anaesthesia we do studies on the effectiveness of toy cars.

Beat that, rest of medicine

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Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada

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