Fox News appallingly fell for North Korean propaganda

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited a fish-pickling factory — and the hosts of Fox & Friends praised him.

Praising North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for spending time “out with the people.” Describing him as “quite the romantic.” Even lauding Kim’s uncharacteristically casual summer outfit.

That may sound like typical North Korean propaganda, but in this case, the fawning comments came from Fox News.

Yes, seriously.

Here’s what happened: On Wednesday, Kim traveled with his wife, Ri Sol Ju, to a fish-pickling plant. On New Year’s Day 2018, Kim announced he would be prioritizing improving his country’s struggling economy instead of its nuclear program. Visiting the fish-pickling plant was part of that effort — with the bonus of being a great publicity stunt complete with multiple photo ops.

But what really caught people’s attention was Kim’s clothing.

Photos showed Kim wearing a breezy short-sleeve white shirt, light gray slacks, and some sort of floppy Panama/cowboy/beach hat hybrid. (Note: We asked our friends over at Racked to help us figure out what kind of hat it was. As of publication time, they are still stumped.)

That’s a whole different outfit for Kim, who usually sports austere dark-colored suits in the style popularized by former Chinese strongman Mao Zedong. (One possible explanation for the wardrobe change is that North Korea is in the middle of a dramatic heat wave, so perhaps Kim was merely trying to beat the heat.)

The hosts of Fox & Friends, the conservative news channel’s morning show that President Donald Trump watches regularly, also noticed Kim’s more relaxed outfit and fun summer outing to the fish-pickling plant.

So on Thursday, instead of explaining the context of the trip — that it’s quintessential North Korean propaganda — the show’s hosts proceeded …read more

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