Celebrating 10 years of Idris Elba becoming James Bond any second now

A new round of rumors has us excited once more. But we’ve been here before — and more often than you might realize.

If you’re familiar with Idris Elba, the dreamboat 45-year-old British actor, there’s a good chance you know him as one of two things: 1) hunky Stringer Bell, one of The Wire’s most standout characters in an ensemble full of them, or 2) the perennial so-called frontrunner to play James Bond on the big screen.

Few pop culture rituals are more time-honored and universal than speculating who the next James Bond will be. Ordinarily this only happens once a decade or so; but the current Bond, Daniel Craig (who’s held the title since 2005), has been hinting for years that he might be out of the franchise soon. (He also recently said he’d be returning for the franchise’s 25th outing, which is still in development with no confirmed director — but we all know talk is cheap.)

Buzz about Craig’s replacement has been building for years, and that buzz has returned again and again to Elba — whose position as a bridesmaid to the Bond franchise might actually be his longest-running role to date.

Despite being lauded as the posh black actor the world needs more of, Elba hasn’t quite reached superstardom. His largest studio role to date was the lead in last year’s disastrous flop Dark Tower; his prestige films (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Beasts of No Nation) have been films that few people have seen; and his most acclaimed post-Wire role, on the BBC’s Luther, was an under-the-radar TV series. (He also had a notable recurring role on the American version of The Office.)

Yet Elba has kept his star polished — in part thanks to supporting roles in geek franchises (Pacific Rim and Thor), and in …read more

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