Bulls & Bears: Red Sox jack up the bean(town) stock with superb season

Bulls of the Week

On the first of 38 weekends of match play featuring its 20 clubs, the English Premiership kicks off as the premier European soccer league in terms of franchise enterprise values, annual revenues and global television reach.

One of its biggest assets — the US$4.1-billion Manchester United, the second highest-valued franchise in the world behind only the US $4.8B Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and just ahead of the US$4B New York Yankees of Major League Baseball — opened the new season in the stand-alone game Friday with a 2-1 win against Leicester City.

The NBA continued to lead the way on social media, crossing the 30-million follower threshold on Instagram this week. The league account isn’t as popular as its own marquee player LeBron James (with 40 million followers on the Facebook-owned platform) or global leader Cristiano Ronaldo with 136 million followers, but is well ahead of any of the other major North American professional sports leagues. It isn’t even close.

Yet there’s nothing hotter in pro sport right now than baseball’s Boston Red Sox. On pace to win 114 games, the Red Sox are playing just a shade under .700 baseball going into the weekend at 81-35 and wielding a hot bat in terms of revenues — projected to be close to US $500M this season —merchandise sales, attendance and television ratings.

Boston’s four-game sweep of the Yankees last weekend represented the four most-watched MLB games of the year, including the comeback finale that was the highest-rated MLB game in four years on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. It was also the most-viewed game in Boston television in seven years.

Credit the president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski, who has been nothing short of aggressive in all of his wheeling and dealing since taking on the …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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