6 food brands that have had different names across the country

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There are many things that differ from coast to coast: weather, fashion, pace of life. But did you know that there are food products that have different brand identities depending on your location in the United States?

Familiarity with Hellmann’s is a dead give away that you grew up on the East Coast or the Midwest. And knowing Dreyer’s Ice Cream indicates you’re likely from the West Coast. Here are some food brands that go by more than one name across the country.

Hellmann’s and Best Foods share a recipe.

West Coasters will be most familiar with Best Foods, while East Coasters know their mayonnaise of choice as Hellmann’s.

The name differentiation dates back to 1913 when Richard Hellmann began mass-producing his New York famous deli mayo.

In California, Postum Foods had introduced their own mayo known as Best Foods Mayonnaise. The two brands were brought under the same company in 1927 when Postum Foods bought the Hellmann’s brand, both products still to maintain their own recipes and brands.

Today, the British company, Unilever, owns both products which now have the same recipe only with different names written across the famous blue ribbon logo.

Arnold’s, Brownberry, and Oroweat are owned by the same company.

The famous bread is known under three names depending on where you happen to be in the US. Arnold started in Connecticut in 1940, Oroweat began in California in 1932, and Brownberry got its start in 1946 in Wisconsin.

Based on where the bread brands were originally produced, Arnold can be found on East Coast shelves, Brownberry is sold in the Midwest, and Oroweat on the West Coast.

All three brands were purchased by Bimbo Bakeries USA, a Mexico-based company, with Arnold being the last acquired back in 2009.

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Source:: Business Insider

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