Cloud game streaming could decide the future of Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5

The game industry is about to go through some pretty major changes, all centered around a new technology: game streaming.

While traditional gaming meant owning a relatively high-powered console and buying physical discs for each game, the near future could bring libraries of unimaginable sizes that can be beamed straight to your PC or console – all for around the same price as a Netflix subscription.

While this might seem like a concept that’s far from reality, it’s actually not. In fact, there are a few of these services already – and they’re pretty awesome. So much so, that many consider game streaming to be the next big arms race in the gaming industry and it’s a race that could change the industry forever.

But before we dive into the past, present and future of this literally game-changing technology and how it could impact the next generation of consoles, let’s explore the advantages – and disadvantages – of ditching the disc.

Game-streaming vs local content

There are plenty of advantages to subscribing to a game streaming service rather than buying discs or downloading games outright. For starters, streaming games means you don’t have to worry about owning the hardware necessary to process those games. Whether it be a console or a high-powered PC, gaming hardware isn’t cheap.

Instead of having to own high-powered graphics cards, processors, and huge hard drives for storing all those games, you simply need to own the hardware necessary to display the streamed games – like a basic computer.

Another advantage is the fact that game pricing is likely to change. Instead of the traditional model of buying an ultra-powerful console or computer, then buying games individually, you might be able to access titles Netflix-style through more affordable hardware, where you pay a subscription, then …read more

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