Police hunt teen gang after car thefts in north-east

Detectives are hunting teenagers they believe have stolen four cars in the last week – and fear they may be using them to commit other crimes.

The vehicles have been taken in the city and Westhill since Friday. Investigators believe the thefts are “absolutely” linked.

Police said the gang has been trying doors, looking for insecure properties before stealing cars, and officers fear the problem will worsen if people do not listen to security warnings.

They also cautioned that due to the gang members’ poor driving they may pose a risk to the public while on the road.

Detective Inspector Finnouala McPhail said: “We’re searching for a group of between four and six youths that we believe to be in their late teens and dressed in various descriptions of dark clothing.

“We’ve had a number of calls from the public, and there have been various witnesses. There’s been a lot of movement in the early hours of the morning.

“We also have CCTV inquiries ongoing, and a number of forensic opportunities that we’re looking into.”

The stolen silver Vauxhall

Det Insp McPhail said the thieves appeared to be dangerous drivers, raising issues of safety to the public and the possibility of serious accidents.

She said: “There’s an element of damage in all of them, and we believe that the Zafira was also involved in a minor accident. I think that’s indicative of the type of drivers that we have. There’s a concern for public safety as well, in that these are not experienced drivers.”

Det Insp McPhail added: “We have had a number of sightings of the group in the town, out in Westhill and in the Kingswells area, potentially looking to commit other thefts.

“The cars are taken as a mode of transport for them to potentially take other vehicles.

“As yet there has not been a large amount of other …read more

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