There’s a reason why you love watching pimple popping videos so much — and it actually makes a lot of sense

People love watching videos in which pus, blackheads, and the like are being squeezed from someone’s face, back, and beyond.
And the main reasons people are watching may be rooted in human survival.
INSIDER spoke with Dr. Damian Jacob Sendler, to find out what survival instincts make people watch, share, and click on these ever so disgusting, yet enticing videos.

Does the sight of oozing white pus on your computer screen make you want to exit the page immediately or oppositely, enter full-screen for a better view of the action? For millions, you could say it’s the latter. YouTube pages exist today solely dedicated to pimple-popping, cyst extractions, and blackhead treatments.

The question is why has pimple-popping and the like become an internet sensation.

INSIDER spoke with Dr. Damian Jacob Sendler, a scientist trained in digital epidemiology, to find out what makes people obsessed with these unusual videos.

The disgust response causes us to remove anything that looks like it doesn’t belong.

Over time, people have developed a response, known as the disgust response, to dangers such as dirt, bugs, and signs of disease to repel any hazards that threaten survival, according to Dr. Sendler, also chief of sexology and director of the division of clinical research at Felnett Health Research Foundation in New York.

Animals, too, have a similar response, he added. For instance, if a cow gets bitten by flies, it has the reflex to use body movement to repel these insects to save them from further irritation.

Similarly, humans that see a large bulge of acne growing on someone’s skin, such as in these pimple videos, develop a reflex to cleanse it, Dr. Sendler explained.

“Basically, we’ve evolved to such an extent that we try to get rid of anything that looks like it doesn’t belong to our …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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