Exclusive: ‘Roe v. Wade’ Director on How ‘Fake News’ Has Attacked His Film

The upcoming “Roe v. Wade” movie has quickly become one of the entertainment industry’s most controversial films in recent weeks.

It stars Jon Voight, Stacey Dash and Robert Davi, but many people did not even know the movie was underway until a recent Hollywood Reporter story told of a shoot plagued by the exits of multiple people because of the script’s pro-life leanings.

Since then, The Hollywood Reporter published another story revealing parts of the script — and claimed the film was struggling to find its final financing.

Co-director Nick Loeb, best known thus far for engaging in a legal battle over frozen embryos with his ex, Sofia Vergara, talked to LifeZette by phone on Thursday from the film’s set in New Orleans to clear up some of the facts about his movie.

Loeb said that “everyone was extremely well aware” of the movie’s content and its political leanings from the beginning. The Hollywood Reporter sensationalized the leaving of three “low-level people” from the production, he said.

He also told LifeZette the press attention hasn’t scared him; rather, it’s emboldened his vision — this is a film that shows the more controversial side of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling from 1973 that legalized abortion in this country. He said the movie has earned “tons of new interest, new investors and new distribution offers” since the national press coverage.

As for the film’s supposed lack of financing? “If we don’t have any money, why are we still shooting?” he asked rhetorically.

Loeb said the film will be wrapped in just a few days. He said that yes, he has sought new financing — because he wanted a second editing team to get the film done sooner in order to take advantage of new leaps forward in the pro-life movement, such …read more

Source:: LifeZette

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