Time doesn’t stand still, it well change, Shehbaz warns officials cracking down on PMLN workers

LAHORE: Terming arrest of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz workers in Lahore as pre-poll rigging, former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday warned that the administration and police officer would be held accountable for the excesses meted out to his party workers.Speaking at a press conference, the PMLN president said that the lock ups where his party workers are being shifted to would be filled by the officials who are cracking down on them.”Time doesn’t stand still, it will change,” he said.”I ask police and administration to stop the oppression and excesses. We will bring you to justice if the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz comes into power”He said he would himself lead the rally that would welcome his elder brother Nawaz Sharif. “I am not scared of arrest,” said the former Punjab chief minister, adding that the PMLN was going to win the election on July 25.”Election Commission has become a puppet which has not taken any action. Who will be answerable if doubts are cast on the election on the evening of July 25, “said Shehbaz Sharif.He said the PMLN is being pushed against wall. …read more

Source:: The News International – Latest news

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