The ad agency giant Omnicom has created a new AI tool that is poised to completely change how ads get made

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On Thursday, Omnicom Group publicly rolled out Omni, an internal platform that allows its agencies to use data to create, plan and buy ad campaigns.
One of the more intriguing potential uses for Omni could be to use artificial intelligence to make better ads.
For example, Omni can scrub videos for specific colors or images which better resonate with consumers.
While AI has increasingly played a big role in media buying, its use cases in creativity are newer and marketers see an big opportunity for the tech to shake up how ads are made.

Ad agencies are increasingly investing in technology and analytics to comb through reams of data and serve precise messages to specific groups of consumers.

But mostly that push has been about hitting the right people at the right time, and less about the art of making a great ad.

That may be changing.

AI may be able to make better ads by figuring out what colors and images people like

On Thursday, Omnicom Group, one of the world’s biggest ad agency groups, unveiled Omni, a platform that allows for all its agencies globally to access data from third parties like The Trade Desk, Liveramp and Salesforce. The tool also includes tools for planning, buying and tracking media.

In an interview with Business Insider, Omnicom Digital CEO Jonathan Nelson said that he’s particularly interested in how creatives will be able to use the tool. Omnicom’s roster of creative shops includes BBDO, DDB and TBWA.

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword in the advertising industry for a few years but its uses have mostly been limited to media buying with souped-up programmatic algorithms that are able to set pricing and determine the best time to run a campaign.

The creative side of the industry has been notoriously slower to embrace the technology, partly due to fear …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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