Magic Leap CEO says critics can’t understand the multibillion-dollar startup’s technology without trying it: ‘You could never experience TV on the radio’

Magic Leap One

Magic Leap showed off some video filmed through its yet-to-launch smart glasses on Thursday.
Reactions online were mixed — many observers said they were underwhelmed.
Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz shot back in a series of Thursday morning tweets.

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz said that video can’t properly capture his startup’s much-hyped technology after a livestreamed demo drew mixed reviews.

Magic Leap is building a pair of smartglasses that merge computer graphics and games into the real world, and Wednesday’s livestream showed off some of the first public footage captured through the device.

“For the creator/dev community: we use video to teach a feature or capability. Any video or 2d medium (photos) is completely inadequate to actually deliver the experience of a digital lightfield on ML1,” he tweeted on Thursday.

He was likely referencing the mixed response to Thursday’s livestream from journalists and some competitors in the augmented reality field. Thursday’s livestream was geared for developers, who will need to build games and other content for the system before it’s launched to the public, but the demos were eagerly watched by enthusiasts as well.

The full session is available on YouTube, but here’s one of the demos, featuring a new rock character:

The reaction was mostly critical:

Magic Leap in 2015: Our mixed reality headset lets you fight digital space aliens and robots using real-world 3D printed weapons!
Magic Leap today (2018): This little dude can throw rocks at you.

— David Chen (@davechensky) July 12, 2018

I’m glad that the annoying hype is coming to an end for Magic Leap. Billions of dollars can’t change the laws of physics for wave guide optics.

— Jeri Ellsworth (@jeriellsworth) July 12, 2018

Source:: Business Insider

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