Fears NHS Grampian will lose staff if terms change on regional working hours

Concerns have been raised that proposed changes to NHS Grampian employee contracts could result in “major recruitment and retention problems” for the health board.

A new memorandum of understanding, which is being considered by the health board, would mean “future employees are appointed on a contract of employment which includes regional working across the north of Scotland boards as a requirement of their role”.

The scheme, if approved, would involve free movement of certain staff for the “delivery of a sustainable and resilient service” across the NHS Grampian, Highland, Orkney, Shetland, Tayside and Western Isles boards.

Jamie Weir, a retired NHS Grampian board member and spokesman for the patient care group Pact, said: “My feeling is that if this was implemented across the six health boards, there would be major recruitment and retention problems.”

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman said: “This document was discussed by the Grampian NHS board at their meeting last month. Board members requested further clarity on points within it, and it will be discussed again at a future board meeting.”

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