Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not running for president in 2020. Good. 

In a world where the Simpsons joke that Donald Trump would be our president has actually come true, it sort of makes sense that we’d consider our highest-grossing box-office hero for the job, too.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return as the King of Summer officially begins Friday with the release of Skyscraper, which promises to be a true thrill ride filled with physics-defying stunts. In his return comes a revelation a year in the making: due to time constraints, Johnson will not run for president — at least not in 2020.

Talk of Johnson’s potential political cachet reached a fever pitch last year after an entertaining GQ cover story by Caity Weaver, in anticipation of Baywatch and the third season of his HBO series Ballers. With interest in Johnson seemingly higher than ever, and with politics influencing everything under the sun, the profile’s headline itself plainly proposed “Dwayne Johnson for President.”

The central question had become whether a beloved celebrity and nearly (nearly) infallible box-office draw could wind up in the White House. Even Johnson was in on the joke, as he and Tom Hanks buddied up during his Saturday Night Live monologue to announce they were running together for president.

Sure, at one point in time, this sounded like a ridiculous question: A hulked-out former pro-wrestler with whom America fell in love for his over-the-top action movies and laying the smackdown on his opponents in the ring, for political office? Give me a break.

Then again, who doesn’t like Dwayne Johnson? Literally name one person who doesn’t like him at least a little. It’s scientifically impossible.

The transition from celebrity to politico is not insurmountable — actress Cynthia Nixon is currently betting on that. And on the flip side of the political-popularity …read more

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