Canadian Sandra Oh’s Historic Emmy Nom Is A Win For So Many

An Asian woman has never received a lead actress Emmy nomination in a drama series in the award show’s 69-year history — until today. And not only that, she’s Asian-Canadian.

Sandra Oh received the honour on Thursday, thanks to her starring role in the critically acclaimed series “Killing Eve.”

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I’m struggling to find the right words for it,” the Ottawa-born actress told the Hollywood Reporter in reaction to the news. “I feel quite serious about it. What’s a blend of the words ‘seriousness’ and ‘joyous’? I’m absolutely thrilled. I feel my community at all times; I am my community at all times. I have joy not only for the show and myself and family, but also for my community. Hopefully my community can feel like they have representation as well.”

Hollywood is known for typecasting people of colour, or not casting them at all, which is what makes Oh’s leading role in the crime drama even more significant. The Korean-Canadian actress plays an MI5 spy named Eve Polastri, who was originally a white character in the book series by Luke Jennings.

Since the series premiered in April, fans have praised Oh’s representation of what it means to be Asian in the western world.

Killing Eve has filled the void in my heart about Asian-western representation. That a lead can be an Asian actress without harmful beauty standards or caricatured cultural references or colored hair to be interesting/considered Asian. Strength in her own chara is all Eve needs.

— KOHI ‼️ Supercon L04 (@kohichapps) June 10, 2018

You guys! I finally watched the most recent ep of @KillingEve and OMG @IamSandraOh is killing it. If …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada

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