Is Karachi Prepared for the first Monsoon spell?

By Natasha Manghi The residents of Karachi have for the longest time been inflicted with a water crisis and gradually it is becoming a water starved city, on the brink of running out. With escalating temperatures and heatwaves hitting at shorter intervals and for longer periods of time, rain seems to be the only respite and Karachiites are praying desperately for it. But the irony is that, when it finally rains it brings with it, a plethora of disasters for a metropolis that is simply not prepped for it. With rain comes a host of issues like drainage problems, gridlocks, road accidents, water contamination, electrical outages, collapsing buildings, urban flooding and one of the most common, electrocution. The city of an expected population of more than 16 million people, according to the World Population Review 2016, has been massively ignored and neglected. With no one owning the city and taking responsibility for its upkeep, the city’s infrastructure is impaired and not primed for the rainy season. This leads to the untimely demise of many people every year, but it seems that the recurring tragedies have made the authorities seemingly immune to the lurking dangers that might strike once again. 23rd June 2007 is one of the gloomiest days in Karachi’s history, when the city witnessed one of the worst aftermaths of rain, with more than 230 people losing their lives and well over 200 injured. This wasn’t the only time when the city lost so many of its citizens, from a cause that could have been easily averted. Karachi’s history is scattered with such traumatizing episodes. After the very first shower if you switch on the news, you will hear about several motorcyclists slipping, overflowing drain water flowing into houses or incidents of electrocution. Some 164 people have been killed, …read more

Source:: The News International – Latest news

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