Wildlife: Cindy Baker makes hard work look peaceful at dc3 Art Projects

As usual, dc3 Art Projects is a hive of activity — even though one of its key pieces of art by Cindy Baker is about embracing the opposite: inactivity.

In her show Crash Pad, which wraps up after Saturday at the 10567 111 St. gallery, Baker addresses a number of topics, including being uncomfortable in our failing, so-called “imperfect” bodies.

Through the show’s run, the artist has been doing durational performances, intentionally trying to rest and sleep in a giant shifting bed designed to look like a pill blister pack. The bed shifts around, so it’s not easy — and various artists including Brian Webb, Allison Tunis and Richard Boulet have “disrupted” her with movement and sound.

Upcoming, the final two sleepover guests are Natalie Loveless — moved from their scheduled spot Thursday to 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Friday — and a finale with Zachari Logan, from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday. Logan’s incredible drawings are on the walls in his own show, Naked Bodies: Selected Bodies 2008-2018, alongside Baker’s delightfully casual Crash Pad Drawings series, which she’s been adding to through the show.

So much for taking a break — but Baker’s been making inspiring, exploratory work for a long time. You can’t just stop.

“I was doing a lot of knit and crochet work when I first finished my BFA,” Baker explains in a conversation with Jessa Gillespie at dc3, “stuff that looked exactly like the paintings that I was doing, but also looked like something that your grandmother would make, or that you would find at a craft sale or something like that. And that’s also when I started performing; I just thought, ‘If I don’t have to make art that looks like art, I could do anything.’”

Baker brings that back to this show: “One of the things that …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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