Raised on blues, Jones sets his own challenge

Growing up in Texas with a love of the blues, singer-guitarist Carvin Jones was able to connect with some of the most famous guitar stars from the southern states. Opening a show for B.B. King at the age of 22 earned him a good piece of advice from the blues giant.

“He told me, ‘You’ve got a good thing going; all you’ve got to do is keep coming up with new ways to challenge yourself.’ And that’s what I’m still trying to do. I’ve been a lucky guy.”

Now 51 and based in Phoenix, Ariz., Jones has more than paid his dues in the business, with a touring regimen that has passed 300 performances over three continents some years. He says it helps to stay in good shape. He doesn’t drink or smoke, works out at the gym and plays basketball a lot.

When it comes to influences and guitar styles, he subscribes to playing his solos economically.

“I try to play as few notes as possible and to concentrate on the feel and the finesse of the notes. I try to let the notes breathe, and give them some space. It always comes out much better like that. That’s the most effective way to captivate an audience.”

The Carvin Jones Band makes a return visit to Blues on Whyte this week after their Edmonton debut at that venue last year. Jones has his regular trio in tow, with associations going back many years for Phoenix drummer Levi Velasquez, and a slightly newer addition, bassist Mario Ciancarella from Rome.

“It’s almost like we’re on automatic,” he says of the trio and their ability to communicate intuitively on stage.

They will be focusing on tunes from Jones’ recent fourth studio recording, What A Good Day, brimming with solid blues grooves and sharp, expertly crafted guitar solos. …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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