On Hannity, Dan Bongino calls journalists “almost anti-American in their rhetoric”

DAN BONGINO: Sean, these people disgust me. Everybody is being really nice and gentlemanly, I’m not interested. I can’t stand them. They are a disgrace to journalism, to the country, to the planet, to any other planets that may exist that have life on it.

Did you contrast the coverage of this with the coverage of Bill Clinton in the ’90s dealing with the North Koreans where it was very fair, journalistic, fact-based and even laudatory? These people are disgusting.

What — Sean, what’s their plan? You know, Joe just said something that everybody should take note of. What’s their plan, wise guys, Mr. smart-asses out there? What’s your plan? You know, months ago, Sean, we had Hawaii setting off missile alarms in Hawaii because the North Koreans were on a hair trigger. What’s your plan to stop that? You think nuclear war is a joke?

These media clowns, who’ve never spent a minute in a real job outside of journalism school, what’s your plan, you jokers? I am tired of these people. They are — really, they have become almost anti-American in their rhetoric towards this president.


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Source:: <a href=https://www.mediamatters.org/video/2018/06/13/hannity-dan-bongino-calls-journalists-almost-anti-american-their-rhetoric/220437 target="_blank" title="On Hannity, Dan Bongino calls journalists “almost anti-American in their rhetoric”” >Media Matters for America

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