Migrant in detention says her child was taken away while she breastfed

Another extreme example of new US immigration policy.

An undocumented immigrant mom from Honduras said federal officials took her daughter away from her while she was breastfeeding in a detention center, an extreme example of the new US policy that separates families who cross the border illegally.

CNN first reported the incident, which was described by Natalia Cornelio, an attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, who interviewed the woman. Cornelio told CNN the woman was placed in handcuffs after she resisted. (US Customs and Border Protection has not returned a request for comment.)

The Honduran woman, who was not named, is reportedly being prosecuted for crossing the border illegally, part of the US government’s stepped-up immigration enforcement. As Vox’s Dara Lind explained, there’s no explicit US policy to separate undocumented families, but the US government is referring all those who cross the border illegally — even asylum seekers — for criminal prosecution, which means minor children have to be separated from their parents:

Typically, people apprehended crossing into the US are held in immigration detention and sent before an immigration judge to see if they will be deported as unauthorized immigrants.

But migrants who’ve been referred for criminal prosecution get sent to a federal jail and brought before a federal judge a few weeks later to see if they’ll get prison time. That’s where the separation happens — because you can’t be kept with your children in federal jail.

The separations are not necessarily permanent, but the incident CNN reported is among the more dramatic anecdotes that have cropped up in recent weeks as the Trump administration announced its new policy, intended to be a deterrent to illegal crossings. A Honduran father killed himself in detention after being separated from his family; the Boston Globe reported that …read more

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