Kevin Durant: ‘I’m Just Not Obsessed With Winning Championships’

Collecting championship rings is not Kevin Durant‘s raison d’être.

The back-to-back NBA Finals MVP says he plays basketball for a myriad of reasons, including personal growth.

What does Kevin Durant want?

— Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) June 12, 2018

KD isn’t chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan the way Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have.


As Kevin Durant and his father, Wayne Pratt, parted Saturday morning in Cleveland after an all-night celebration, Durant drew Pratt close and cited a statistic he had seen pairing Durant and Michael Jordan as two of the only players with four scoring titles and two Finals MVP awards.

“Who would have imagined I’d be in the same sentence as MJ?” Durant asked.

But busting into Jordan-level historical debates hasn’t unleashed within Durant any hunger to win them — at least not yet. “He’s not chasing a ghost,” Pratt says. “He’s not trying to be MJ, or pass MJ.”

“I mean, I’m crazy about winning, don’t get me wrong,” Durant tells “I’m just not obsessed with winning championships. It’s not the only reason I play. I play for my individual growth.”

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