Everybody Have Fun Tonight: Q&A with Wang Chung ahead of Friday’s concert

There are several mysteries in rock ‘n’ roll.

Who wrote the book of love? Why do fools fall in love? For listeners of another generation, the burning mystery might be, what exactly does it mean to “wang chung tonight”?

You won’t find answers to any of those queries here, though Wang Chung bassist and co-leader Nick Feldman has admitted that the phrase, thrown haphazardly into the chorus of their 1986 chart topping hit single Everybody Have Fun Tonight, was simply a goof that producer Peter Wolf quite smartly realized could be utilized as an indelible hook. And so it was.

Wang Chung’s heyday in the mid-’80s was short but impactful, with Dance Hall Days and Let’s Go joining Everybody Have Fun Tonight as songs that would go on to an extended lifespan as classic rock mainstays, as well as cue music for movies and television shows set in the era. The band itself dissolved in 1990, but picked up again when Feldman and fellow core member Jack Hues decided to kick at the can again in 1997. In between there were career shifts, solo records, and musical interludes for both, a necessary break that allowed youthful pigheadedness to dissolve into mutual understanding.

Wang Chung is mostly a touring unit now, but Hues and Feldman have popped up with an EP and full length, 2012’s Tazer Up. The band also serves as an integrated part of long time road mates (and fellow ’80s vets) Cutting Crew, an economically thrifty way to get around in these cash-crunch times, though Feldman notes that it also allows both bands’ songs to open up and breathe with new input. We spoke with Feldman from his home in Wimbledon, discussing career shifts, making movies with William Friedkin, and the Sex Pistols.

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Source:: Edmonton Journal

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