Doug Ford’s 1st Move Must Be To Kill Wynne’s Carbon Tax

“I’ll put more money in your pocket.”

It’s a promise that Doug Ford made repeatedly during the campaign, and now that he is taking the reins of power, it’s a promise he needs to follow through on. Ontario has become an increasingly expensive place to live, and premier-elect Ford’s decisive victory shows that his message of saving taxpayer money is one that resonated with voters.

Polls have shown that taxes were the third most important election issue for voters, after health care and the economy. Ford is going to have to follow through, even if it means finding more savings than originally planned. Tax cuts cannot come at the expense of running the type of massive deficits that the outgoing Liberals were roundly and rightly condemned for by voters. The new government must commit to both saving taxpayers money and to achieving a balanced budget within their new mandate.

These tax savings must start with cutting former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade carbon tax.

The government has treated taxpayers’ money with very little respect.

When Ford entered the Progressive Conservative leadership race, he signalled his staunch opposition to the Ontario carbon tax plan supported by Patrick Brown under his PC platform. Ford has been unequivocal in his opposition to this type of tax, quickly and publicly signing the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s pledge to not enact an Ontario carbon tax, to eliminate the existing cap-and-trade tax imposed by Wynne, and also to fight a federally imposed carbon tax. This is a pivotal issue among the conservative voters whose vote helped Ford into power, and has implications beyond Ontario.

The cap-and-trade carbon tax is such a significant issue because when it was implemented, it gave the government a new taxing power in a political climate where the government has treated …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada

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