Aspen area moose sightings, warnings continue

Moose sightings in the upper Roaring Fork Valley continue to roll in this summer, with warnings to be careful of the animals not far behind.

Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies cautioned a group of people gathered Monday at Difficult Campground gawking at a moose and her young that the animals can be dangerous, Deputy Ryan Voss said.

The sighting occurred about 11:15 a.m. when a female cow and her two young calves stopped in the wetlands area of the Roaring Fork River just off the road that leads to Difficult east of Aspen, he said. A crowd of between 10 and 15 people gathered about 50 feet away from the three moose to watch them, Voss said.

“I warned them that moose are unpredictable,” he said. “You really shouldn’t be that close.”

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Source:: The Denver Post

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