14 celebrities who who used to be strippers

lady gaga, channing tatum, cardi b

Stars like Channing Tatum and Cardi B are known for their success in movies and music. But before breaking through Hollywood, they took jobs as strippers to earn money — and they’re not the only stars who have turned to exotic dancing.

There are many other celebrities who revealed that they were strippers, whether it was for a weekend, a few months, or several years.

Keep reading to find out which celebrities shared this same job.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes worked as an exotic dancer for years, and views the experience as empowering.

In her 2009 memoir titled “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice,” Leakes explained what prompted her to start stripping. At the time, she was a single mother struggling to pay rent and support her son. Leakes took a job as a stripper under the name “Silk” and said that she felt “powerful” as a dancer.

“With every piece of clothing I took off, the more I got my life back,” she wrote. “I worked this body like a well-oiled machine, and every movement got me closer to my goal of financial independence for me and my child.”

“Magic Mike” is loosely based off of Channing Tatum’s days as a stripper in Florida.

Fans of Tatum are probably aware that the actor was an exotic dancer before starring in movies like “21 Jump Street” and “Step Up.” Pre-Hollywood, Tatum used to perform at a strip club in Tampa, Florida.

A video sold to Us Weekly in 2009 showed Tatum — who went by the name “Chan Crawford” — dancing for guests who were clearly pleased with what they saw. Tatum has spoken openly about his past. In 2011, he told GQ that he’s “not …read more

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