Vicki Gunvalson Blocks Her Son-in-Law: I Am NOT a Bad Grandmother!!

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Sunday was Mother’s Day. That’s a day near and dear to many hearts, and Real Housewives are no exception.

But apparently Vicki Gunvalson was very busy that day. Too busy to FaceTime with her young grandsons.

When her son-in-law called her out on it on social media, she blocked him. Wow.

Vicki commented on a photo of her daughter, Briana, and Briana’s husband, Ryan Culberson. They are the parents to her two grandchildren, Troy and Owen.

“Miss you guys.”

Replying publicly, son-in-law Ryan wrote:

“Your grandkids tried to FaceTime you 20 times yesterday. Glad to see you’re still alive!”

That is … incendiary, to say the least.

When someone replied that it was a “burn,” Ryan replied:

“She blocked me after this.”

Others were able to see and confirm that Vicki was no longer following Ryan on Instagram.

On her own page, Vicki wrote about Mother’s Day, saying:

“I had such a beautiful Mother’s Day yesterday with @stevelodge_oc family and @mikewolfsmith and @danigoldenstate.”

She did not forget her daughter Briana or her grandchildren, obviously.

“Missed Briana across the miles but know she has a good day with her family.”

And she showed her appreciation for her flowers.

“Thanks to my kids for the beautiful roses from @passionroses. #thankful #mothersday #passionroses”

So she spent Mother’s Day being busy … but still got shamed for not answering the phone.

A number of fans leapt to Vicki’s defense.

One day of being unreachable — especially a day in which you are being celebrated — hardly seems like an excuse for a public attack by your own family.

(Especially because, let’s be honest, we’re talking about a grandmother — Vicki probably doesn’t cling to her phone the way that most of us do)

Even though Kelly Dodd and Vicki have been feuding, Kelly came to Vicki’s defense on Twitter.

“Vicki and I have had our differences but this I know for sure!! she is …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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